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A Man Is Many Things

A man is many things
To family, colleagues and friends.
Different he may be
In his relations with each, but he
The ends
He pursues.

Or perchance he does choose
To deny
What he is, even to himself
And will die
With a smile
Of denial
Upon his face
Expecting grace …



Who is the guilty one?
As the night went on
They both drank to excess.
Her dress
Was short
And her lipstick red, as the quilt On the bed,
when he brought her home

Did she say “no or yes”?
A short dress
Is not an invitation
And a man’s anticipation
Is no excuse
For abuse.

Friends saw her flirt,
But she lay inert
On the quilt.
Who wilt
Judge their guilt?


I Seek for grace,
In nature’s ever changing face.
the sheeting rain chased empty thought away.

This morning, The wind purifies,
Birds sing in sunny skies.
At times, my spirit flies
Or goes asighing with the breeze.

That I could
Soar high up in the trees
And be lost among the leaves.

Me Meandering

In trying to create utopia be careful lest your own inadequacies led to the creation of hell. Rather than dealing with deep rooted psychological problems there is a tendency for man to exert himself in the direction of saving the world. A noble aim but be wary that in your attempt your own inadequacies are not foisted upon mankind. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Look inside yourself and ask why am I acting in this manner? Am I perhaps failing to grapple with my own demons by choosing to fight those of others? Utopia has as many forms as there are men and women, be wary of those (including yourself) who claim to know the absolute truth. Those convinced that they hold the key to human happiness may hold the keys to hell.