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Walking through the churchyard
I heard
you talking.
Your word
Was gentle then,
A breeze
Whispering amongst the leaves,
But when
You In anger blow
The wise know
That your breath
Augurs death,
For we reap what we sow.


In The Wood’s Dark Heart

In the wood’s dark
Heart the breeze
Whispers in the trees
Words that I can not comprehend.
May god send
Me peace
And this breeze
Never cease.

Will Autumn Come as it Should?

Will Autumn come as it should
With strong winds to shake the wood?
Thus far I have found
Only a few conkers on the ground.
Most, being small
I let lie where they did fall,
But three with me now
Are sitting, far removed from mighty bough.
I wonder, will they be discovered when I am gone?
What a strange question to ponder on!

I have seen no acorns yet,
The oak’s fruit that stirs regret.
Memories of a time long since past
When I would wonder the forest vast
With my grandfather kind
Seeking acorns to find.

Autumn is here
Yet the time of year
Seems wrong.
The sun’s rays strong
Have harried the woods too long
and I, like nature am bemused
About the reason
For this confusion in the season.


I awoke to the rain

drumming on my window pane.

Opening my lattice I let it in

the purifying water that washes away sin.

The hypnotic sound

of rain falling all around.

All my life I have listened to the rain.

The same drumming

of water coming

from the sky

falling on you and I.

The rain has no end

But you and I my friend

May listen for a while


then pass on by.

Have I Not Reason To Lament What Man Has Made Of Man

The wind gusts and a bird in a tree above my head sings. It is a wonderful windswept day in the environs of Crystal Palace. yet in France, in the past week fanatics with hate in their hearts have committed atrocities. None the less the bird still pours out his soul. The poignant singing gladdening and tearing my heart apart simultaneously.